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    The 2009 animation lineup

    Posted by chad3d on November 23, 2008

    The one great thing about going to see a animation in the theater even if its good or not is the previews! I went to go see Bolt today and I got to check out all the upcoming animations. Among my favorites was Dreamworks Monsters Vs Aliens! I’m sure that my mentor Steve Cunningham having had worked on it and it coming from Dreamworks had no influence on that though….  .   Then there was howls moving castle, err wait I mean UP! A new movie by Disney and PIxar. It looks like another must see. There was the Stop motion feature by Laika, Coraline. It looks pretty amazing as well.  Among the other previews there was The tale of Despereaux. I have read the childrens story before and as cute as little mouses are when they are animated I think I will wait for the dvd release on that one.

    Here are some trailers.

    Monster Vs Aliens



    The Tale of Despereaux

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    Disney’s Bolt ! In the words of Rhino “Super Awesome”

    Posted by chad3d on November 23, 2008

    A adventure that takes Penny and her dog off to save her father Inspector Gadget from the evil clutches of The Claw and his cat…. Actually wait wrong Penny and her dog.  Disney’s New Movie Bolt might remind you of some cartoons in the past at first, however once you get into it there is a lot more to it. Its a story about a Hollywood dog that doesn’t realize hes not what he was trained to be and how his true place is just being happy with his “person” (Penny). The characters where great. Especially one in particular “Rhino” the hamster who is Bolts biggest fan and set out on a adventure with him in his hamster ball. The character was full of “the cup is half full” and  “We can do it quotes”. I have to say with out him I don’t think the picture would have been half as good. Mark Walton definitely added some extra personality to him as the voice. Like Rhino would say “when the worlds got you down and it seems like there is no hope left, you have to do whats inside you and be SUPER AWESOME!”

    Here is the Trailer as well as some of my favorite scenes from the movie.




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    Madagascar 2!

    Posted by chad3d on November 17, 2008

    I went and saw Madagascar 2 on 11-09-08. It was simply genius and the story and characters were way better than they were in the first movie.  It grossed more in its opening weekend than Wall-E did in its opening weekend. I have to say bravo Dreamworks and keep up the great work!


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