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    Monopoly, I get to be the autodesk! You can be the hat…

    Posted by chad3d on October 29, 2008

    I am sure you have heard, if not here’s the info. I think it was on the 20th Autodesk bought out Softimage XSI from Avid.  Yea I was a bit surprised when Alias gave up the leading 3d software package to a company that hasn’t had much improvement on 3DS Max since I used it back in high school. Great package for video games I suppose but still. However, I had no choice to support the merger since Maya is my favorite animation program.

    “Healthy competition is always better for customers than monopolies- and right now we have a veritable monopoly in the CG animation software business. Autodesk owns 3D Studio Max, Maya, Motion Builder, Mudbox and now Softimage XSi and it’s ancillary technologies. What’s left out there for commercially available professional level Cg production software? Um.. not much. Yes, there’s Z-Brush, Silo, Modo, etc., but those aren’t backbone systems, they’re specific-use tools.  Basically the applications under the Autodesk name represent well north of 90% of the primary programs used in the CG business.”

    With this in mind Autodesk will eventually have to downsize the amount of products it has out there in order to support the improvement demands of the every rapidly growing computer CG industry. In doing so either letting some packages slip behind or eliminating them. Maya being the leader in CG software available to the public in CG software will doubtfully get the boot or lack of attention as it is bringing in the most money.

    Just a heads up for something to look at down the road.  What will become of all the worlds CG development under one giant roof? Guess its good Major movie studios have their own propriatary software.


    One Response to “Monopoly, I get to be the autodesk! You can be the hat…”

    1. Toldaddy said

      “What’s left out there for commercially available professional level Cg production software? Um.. not much. Yes, there’s Z-Brush, Silo, Modo, etc.”

      Houdini and C4D are the biggest forces to reconed with IMHO. If autodesk doesn’t keep up on their R&D those two alone will wipe the floor with max maya and xsi.

      Autodesk is 90% ass, but I think the 3d aps will actually remain competitive. Their mission is probably going to be mixing and matching features, and expanding the .fbx cross compatible format to the point where that’s the main file extension for each ap. In the meantime max maya and xsi’s growth will be stunted, and you’ll only see marginal improvements for the next 2 or 3 years… I think eventually they will create a new hybrid program that will most likely suck (even though they keep saying they plan on evolving each ap on it’s own, that’s just not practical for ONE entity).

      And it might sound crazy… but look out for blender. All it takes is a rich geek to donate a few million to develop a more comprehensive UI, and BAM.. You can’t beat free. Unlikely, but possible.

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