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    Week One at Animation Mentor

    Posted by chad3d on October 5, 2008

    Wow.. I don’t even know where to begin. This week has been amazing! Literally the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!

    To start it off I won the Animation Mentor “Bring Spike Home” contest. It was a 600-1000 word short story accompanied with two pages of Illustrations. You had to take Spike (The school mascot) who was lost in the jungle looking for animation relics back to the school. Very fun little writing exercise! The prize was a FREE TERM of school!! Learning animation for free sounds good to me 🙂

    Then I get on my online campus and get to meet a great group of people not only in my class but all over the school. On top of all those people with the same interests and love for animation. I got to meet my first mentor who is “Steve Cunningham” who works for Dreamworks, my dream studio! (no pun intended)

    Then on friday the wonderful character designer ( Caroline ) I have had the pleasure of meeting here in town that does freelance work. Brings her husband Frank in to meet me. He is a director that does live action, 2d, and 3d films. It has been a great pleasure learning from Caroline and was a lot of information to cram in the 2 hour lunch I had with them. Frank had lots of wonderful in site! They where also nice enough to give me a animation table all set up with a animation disc, pegboard, and lightbox they had laying around the house! As well as some extra pencils and a ream of animation paper! Then I got home and UPS had delivered the books I had ordered “Art of The Incredibles” and “The art of Ratatouille” both are really great and wonderful for seeing the process of developing a character and story.  Friday was like Christmas!

    I tell you what if animation mentor keeps getting better I think I might implode of joy! It feels great to have all this positive energy flowing through my body! I can’t wait to do more. I have had my life touched by AM already and my journey has just begun!

    Thanks Bobby,Shawn and Carlos for making this school and not giving up. Thanks to everyone at AM for making it the place it is and worth getting excited over. As well as Frank and Caroline for being a great face to face inspiration and motivator.

    My new Toys

    My new Toys


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