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    Igor a animation masterpiece!

    Posted by chad3d on September 22, 2008

    I got to go see Igor this weekend and boy was I suprised! I thought the animated film looked good but not being from a big name studio I figured it would be a par, sub-par animated film at best. When I got to know a little about the film my expectations grew. Then when I actually saw the movie not only where my expectations met, they where surpassed greatly!

    The film was Produced by a independant company called Exodus, that started up in 2001. The animation for the film was done by Sparks Animation Studios in Paris, France. Put together by directer Tony Leondis (sounds like he should have been in 300, hehe!) and writer Chris McKenna it was simply creative and brilliant. The character design was unique and quarky. Some if not most of the characters had a insect feel to them in the way they where designed and animated. The most noticeable was the King of Malaria who was obviously a cockroach! Cockroaches are nasty, filthy little creatures…. fit the feel of the kings attitude wonderfully. Cudos on putting that combo together! Aside from Sparks keeping the great feel of animation consistant throughout the movie, The color and lighting was great.

    Writer Chris Mckenna had some great ideas by putting a total flip on the whole evil scientist thing.

    “Story…must be considered the heart of the business.” He continued,”Good animators can make a good story a knockout. There is not much that the best animators can do with bad stories.”         -Walt Disney

    So I give you a round of appluase Mr. McKenna! This has got to be My favorite 3D animated film aside from Over the Hedge. I give it a 9 out of 10 and look forward to Exodus to keep up the flow of grade “A” animations!


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