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    SIGGRAPH 2008 Update!

    Posted by chad3d on August 17, 2008

    Siggraph 2008 was a blast!! I can not even start to describe everything that was going on without making this a 700 page blog. Most Importantly though was Animation Mentor and their staff. I got to talk to Bobby Beck and Victoria Tripp and realize that the Maya springboard wasn’t the right direction to take which was a huge help. Also they had a ton of events everything from Networking, Correct facial expressions to Demo Reel do’s and don’ts. Everyone at Animation Mentor was friendly and great to get to know. Bobby was enthusiastic and welcome to meeting new students. Victoria was full of great information and always smiling even while working her butt off. Molly was sweet and very informational. Micheal was a great person to meet, cool guy, keep up the great work on those newsletters man can’t wait to read the next one! Shawn was funny and had a great personality. Was wonderful to talk to him about the school and the events that they had going on. I also got to talk to many of the students, current students, alumni, and students starting when I do. It was great to see more of the Animation Mentor community and become a part of it. I can’t wait to get started on the 29th.

    Bobby Beck and Chad Swanson Siggrapph '08

    Bobby Beck and Chad Swanson Siggrapph

    Shawn Kelly and Chad Swanson Siggraph '08

    Shawn Kelly and Chad Swanson Siggraph

    Then after all that I also got to check out the job fair and meet all the recruiters and find out what they would be looking for and expect for next year when I go there actually looking for a job! It was a great time and very informational. Its gonna be great going back next year. Well I’m off to watch some Digital Tutors Videos to get ready for class on the 29th and read the plethora of books I bought as well. Till next time I will leave ya with the awesome crowd surfing that Shawn Kelly did at Birds of a Feather!


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